How Does It Work, Reverend Steph?

For my standard, Premier wedding package --

  • We meet, or talk via phone, video chat, whatever you prefer.  I will answer any questions you may have about me, weddings in general, and getting your wedding license, with no obligation to hire me
  • You tell me I'm your guy (Great choice!)
  • You pay my Hold the Date Deposit
  • I provide you my custom Couple's Questionnaire to get a little more background about your journey together so far
  • Once I have your Questionnaire back, within 2 weeks' time I'll deliver to you the first draft of your wedding ceremony
  • At your leisure, review and mark up the draft ceremony to change whatever you like - If you were happy with the first draft, we're done until your wedding day!
  • Within another 1-2 weeks I will return the updated ceremony for your second review
  • Again, mark up the ceremony as much as you like - you get unlimited revisions and reviews, all included in my fee
  • Within another 1-2 weeks, I'll deliver the revised ceremony back to you until you are completely happy
  • I will remind you when it is time to apply for your marriage license
  • On the Big Day, I'll be at the venue when you arrive with your valid marriage license in hand, and we have a beautiful, happy ceremony together - Welcome to wedded bliss!
  • You pay me the remainder of my fee, if any
  • I sign your marriage license with your 2 chosen witnesses and I mail in the required copies to the Township and State for you

...And the rest is up to you!