What areas do you serve?

I proudly serve all of New Jersey, New York City, and Eastern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia.

We have no idea where to get started with our license.  Can you help?

I can!  The state of New Jersey publishes all the information you need to start the marriage certificate process at this web address:  http://www.state.nj.us/health/vital/registration-vital/marriage-licenses/

Do you accommodate non-religious and interfaith couples?
Yes, I certainly do.  I write a unique ceremony from scratch for every one of my couples.  I have proudly delivered ceremonies for couples where one or both people were agnostic, atheist, humanist, Catholic, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Protestant and Muslim.  No matter what your spirituality or belief system, I pride myself on my ability to build just the ceremony you want.  And you get to review and approve well ahead of time.

Do you have experience with same-sex ceremonies?

I do indeed!  Nearly half of my ceremonies to date have been for same-sex couples.

Do you have sample ceremonies we could look at for inspiration?

I do.  Please just let me know you are interested in seeing my samples, and I will send you some, with no obligation to you.  

What helpful resources can you recommend?  

For even a simple wedding, there is plenty to do.  I highly recommend creating a free account on Weddingwire.com, where you can not only view my reviews but also find a ton of free tools to take some of the pressure off your shoulders.  You can also see my reviews here.

Reverend Stephan, are you a Christian minister?

I was raised in a laid-back Lutheran household right here in New Jersey. My ordinations are through the Universal Life Church and the Church of Spiritual Humanism, which are all-inclusive churches and do not place additional emphasis on any specific religious tradition.With that said, I have delivered ceremonies to couples from a very broad range of religious traditions, and whatever yours is, I am sure I can deliver a ceremony you will always cherish. 

Do you offer pre-Cana or any similar instruction?

Unfortunately, I do not have the appropriate training to provide pre-Cana instruction for you.  Of course, if you would just like to hear my opinion of what makes a successful marriage, I have eleven years' experience at that, and would love to share!

Reverend Stephan Jorgensen, Wedding Officiant


Wedding Ceremonies

For pricing information, please reach out to me via phone at (732) 798-0084, or by clicking here to use my handy contact e-mail form on my Contacts page.

I am proud to offer competitive ceremony and rehearsal pricing.  My standard services are based around a full-service experience including complete advanced review of your ceremony and unlimited revisions to it well ahead of your wedding.  If that review period, for example, is more service than you need, ask me about an Express Wedding package at a discount.

For my Premier Wedding package customers, I offer discounts to active military personnel, police, fire and first-responders - please mention this when contacting me.

Like to see how happy you could look on your wedding day?  Click here to see pictures

Reverend Stephan Jorgensen