Reverend Stephan Jorgensen

About Me


Born and raised in New Jersey, I was first ordained as an interfaith minister in 2006.  My first ceremony was a very special renewal of vows for one of my oldest friends.  In 2010, I was honored by two more good friends when they asked me to perform their ceremony in Pennsylvania.  It was only when resistance to marriage equality finally ended in New Jersey that I began to solemnize weddings as an entrepreneur.  

Today, as of  June 26th, 2017, it has been my pleasure to have conducted 42 ceremonies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and I am grateful for each and every one.  I feel privileged to be able to unite loving couples in lawful matrimony, and I write every ceremony and conduct every wedding as if it were for my dearest friends.

I am most grateful to my beautiful wife of eleven years, Pam, without whose love and support I would not have the confidence to do the job I do for so many happy couples.

Speaking of my happy couples, you can read their reviews of my services and see my awards here